About Kalistr

Founded: July 4, 2010

Released: January 2011


KalistR – We produce clothes that reflect a true California action sports lifestyle. Designed and Made by Riders in Cali!

Company Overview: It’s all about balance, from the way we live to what we produce…

We surf when it’s ripping, snowboard when it’s dumping, and skate in between. Only if our world could just be about surf, skate, and snow. But to find balance in our lives, we have to add that four letter word, WORK, to the mix. But because of work, paddling out, dropping in, and being able to pull off that one illusive move makes it that much more sweet.

This sense of balance is also inherent in what we create. Our products are created with the performance of the individual in mind…to perform with speed, power, and style. Speed is derived from reducing bulk and by using the lightest, most durable materials available. Power in pulling off moves can be expressed with confidence knowing that there is quality in our craftsmanship. Both are then blended into our creations with KalistR style.

“Performance Driven Creations”